Getting Started…

So, maybe I’m a little late to the blogging world but nevertheless, I’ve begun.  There’s a lot I’ve always wanted to share, or muse about and I hope in some small way what will be coming out of this new endeavor will maybe help you in your journey or perhaps allow you to help someone else.  Maybe it will challenge you, encourage you, it might even make you mad or sad, and you will probably disagree with me.  In whatever way it affects you I hope you at least do one thing…respond.

Whether you respond verbally in a reply or silently in your heart or mind doesn’t matter.  We are all created to respond to stimuli, that’s we have emotions, a soul, feelings, whatever you call it.  We’re all designed to relate to something.  There’s an emptiness we each have and we’re going to fill it with something, I just hope you choose wisely.  And again, maybe what I will be sharing here will help you find what you’re looking for and perhaps pass it along to others.

No, I’m not the end all of knowledge or anything like that, that’s the furthest from the truth.  I’m a seeker, I’m still learning and pray I never stop.  I’m a mess up, a slacker, a procrastinator, a failure and most of all, human.  But I do pray for grace and seek to start anew each day I live.

So stay tuned, there will be more to come, hopefully lots more.  Every breath of life is precious and I’m trying not to waste a single one.

We’re not promised past this moment so live it as your last, the time you have right now, may not be in your grasp.  In the next second, or tomorrow,  or as you blink an eye, don’t take for granted what is given, it might be too late to ask why.