Less Rejected, More Detected!

Not sure why I feel like my heading must rhyme, but it’s fun!

Well, here’s an update on my health to this point.  The good news?  The rejection level has dropped from an A-3 to an A-1 over the past several months!  Praise the Lord!  The highest rejection level there is, for acute rejection, is an A-4.  So this is VERY significant in the grand scheme of things.  It also means that the rejection is still treatable and reversible.  Another praise the Lord!

However, at the same time they have found some other “issues” along the way that we are now dealing with.  If you’re old enough, you probably remember the old Saturday Night Live sketch with Rosanne Roasnnadanna.  She was always closing out her rambling, non-sensical, monologue by saying, “It’s always something!”  That’s kind of how I feel with the things that keep popping up health-wise.  One of the doctors at Duke put it this way, “you seem to have a lot of loose ends.”  That may be true, but we’re praying they all get tied up real soon!

What are the “loose ends?”  Two main ones are a fungus that has grown out since my last bronchoscopy.  The other is some kind of Antibody that has now shown up in my lungs.  I’ve begun a new medicine, well actually a return to an old med I was off of, for the fungus.  For the Antibody situation, I have begun a series of infusions that we’re not really sure how long will last.

Duke is still looking at doing the “big gun” IV that will zero out all of my CD4 T-Cells.  Which basically means my immune system will be reset, or zeroed out.  They are waiting until after my August bronchoscopy to make that call though.  They can’t do the IV with the fungus situation because that be like putting Miracle Grow on the fungus, not a good thing.  I’m praying that there will be ON more rejection in the August bronch and we’ll be able to avoid this IV treatment.  That would be my ultimate answered prayer at this point!

That’s about it for now.  Even through the monotony of health issues it’s sometimes hard to keep thinking all is well.  But we know that the same God who has brought us this far is still in charge and in control of what is going on now!  God is sovereign in ALL circumstances, good and bad.  We must continue to learn to trust.  After all, we’re human and most of us have short attention spans!  I know I do!

Thanks for reading this post, I think it’s one of my shorter ones.

Isaiah 41:10