No News Is Good News?

I have really had no news to share concerning my health in the past several months and as the old maxim goes, “No news is good news,” or is it?  I certainly thought so, until the past week.

So, here’s the short health update. 

I was pretty sick a few weeks ago, but things have improved over the past week or so.  However, I have a cough and some chest congestion that just won’t go away.  So Thursday, May 19 I had an already scheduled appointment at Duke dermatology and while there, made a quick trip to clinic for lab work and a chest X-ray.

One week later, Duke called and said we want you back for a CT scan, ugh.  So, back to Duke today, Friday, May 27 for a CT scan.

On the way back home from the CT scan, the transplant coordinator called and said they want me back on Tuesday, May 31 for a bronchoscopy.  In her words my broncoscopy was, “Crappy.”  Not exactly the medical terminology I was hoping to hear.

I haven’t had a bronchoscopy since October of 2010.  I’m scheduled for one as a part of my annual check-up on June 27, but it looks like that’s getting moved up.  The scheduled bronchoscopy for June 27 is just one week prior to my 3-year transplant anniversary!  Praise the Lord!

So, here’s the bottom line.  Three possible scenarios exist at this point:

1)  I have been aspirating into my lungs and therefore possibly triggering an infection or rejection.

2)  There is already infection present from being sick earlier.

3)  The “unfun” option, is that rejection is back.

I’ll know which door the diagnosis is behind on Wednesday, June 1, I hope.  Maybe then “no news” will be good news!

Still trusting in God’s perfect plan for my life!