What We Have Forgotten About 9.11.01

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the 10th anniversary of 9/11 as a nation.  We remembered that day, we continued to memorialize those who lost their lives, we thanked the first responders and honored their memory. As a nation, we once again relived that horrific day in history.

I have been reflecting on all of the ceremonies we watched on television and the services that most of us participated in with our churches and started thinking, with all the remembering, honoring and memorializing, is it possible we have forgotten what was at the core of our thoughts and feelings about that day? Where is the turning back to God as individuals and as a nation that happened in the immediate weeks following 9/11/01?  It lasted what, 2, maybe 3 months and then it was back to normal as a nation and as individuals.  Or was it?

We have all experienced a “new normal” in a lot of ways since that fateful day.  But I also feel like we have forgotten the one thing that day did, or maybe didn’t do, and that was a turning of our hearts back to our spiritual roots as a nation and as individuals.  We experienced a turning back to our core beliefs and a strengthening of our faith that day. Perhaps, in some way, a repentance or turning away from life as usual. But I’m not sure we really did.

I think we’ve forgotten that as a nation and as individuals we really NEED to turn our hearts back to God. Or maybe better said, we have forgotten that was our first response.

What was your first response to 9/11? What has been different in your life since 9/11/01?  Are you more sensitive to spiritual things?  Do you pray more? Has your family turned to the Lord more? Do you give more? Have you told more people about Christ?

I ask these questions not just of you but of myself as well.  It is time to take stock. We are definitely living in the last days.  After all, we’ve been living in the last days since the appearing of Jesus Christ the Messiah!

When we dial 911 on our phones we are in need of emergency services help.  It’s time we dial 911 in our spiritual lives as well and turn to the only true Help!