What’s Going On?

This is a quick update concerning the latest that has been going on with me. I’ll share a more detailed report soon, and there is a LOT more to share, but for now, this will have to do.

I had a comprehensive check-up at Duke on Monday, December 5 and the results were great! No rejection! And so far, nothing has shown up in any of the cultures. I am very humbled and grateful once again that the Lord has sustained me to this point. Still wrestling with skin cancer places that pop up on me due to the immuno suppression, but that’s just part of this journey. So far, they have all been Basal Cell, so that’s good news!

A lot is going on in the area of music and I am grateful for the opportunities the Lord keeps affording me. One biggie is that NorthStar Music Group should be launching its new website in late January. We are currently creating content, etc. and deciding what products will go up immediately as well as developing other products along the way. I’m quickly, or maybe slowly, realizing that having a website and putting one together, is a LOT of work!  Hopefully, it will be well worth it heading into 2012 and beyond as the Lord allows.

2012 will be an interesting year so I ask for your prayers for our family, the business and my health. I have SO many friends who are also hurting right now that I am praying for.  Life is fragile, and that is becoming more and more evident the longer I live. I’ll be 51 this year and as an aside, my adoptive father died at the age of 51.  So reaching this age, and considering my health issues at the same time,  is creating a mixed bag of emotion.  A lot of introspection and thought has been given to what has transpired over the past 4 years. To say emotions of every kind well up within me each time I consider things would be a HUGE understatement!

Okay, more later and hopefully, more detail too.

You are loved!