As Time Goes By…

Once again the “time monster” has stolen away my blogging efforts!

I can’t believe how long it has been between efforts, but here goes an effort at least!

So here’s the latest:

  • I arrived safely home from my Middle East trip, and what an adventure it was!  I’m going to have to upgrade my WordPress account so I can post pictures and maybe videos soon.  It was an amazing experience!  I still can’t fully disclose where we were because we might be returning, but some of you may know from Facebook and emails. I ask you to please keep that information to yourself.  This sounds more covert than it should, but I’ve been asked to be careful due to our travel itinerary.
  • We had a full 10 days with our friends in Palestine and Israel and like I said, hope to return in the near future.  Both the flight over and the flight back were very smooth, and even early in arriving!  Can’t say so much about the domestic end of things.  My connecting flight was cancelled on the return home due to weather, which wasn’t so bad.  However, not much help from the airline in getting home, so $150.00 and 8 hours later, I finally got a flight, ugh.  I guess times are too hard for the airline industry to help cover your expenses!
  • Life since arrival back on May 30 has been hectic.  Let’s see, another Hymn Sing at The Cove here in Asheville, two weddings, our 28th anniversary, the 2012 Composer’s Symposium in Atlanta, an album release concert for a friend in Tennessee and to top it all off, our minister of music is resigning and I’ve been asked to help facilitate the interim period!
  • I’m grateful to the Lord for continued health and the ability to keep up what lately feels like a full-time job!  Although, I’ve had to take some down time recently to avoid sickness.  I travel to Duke on July 5 for my 4 year anniversary check-up!  I’ll share details about that soon!

Thank you for following/reading, or maybe discovering, my blog!  I am blessed, humbled and grateful and still trying to live for Christ in this messed up human shell!

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