Here We Go Again…

Had my bronchoscopy at Duke this past Thursday, and thanks to a good friend, made it there and home again without incident…so I thought.

On Friday evening I get an email from one of Lung Transplant coordinators and she conveyed the news to me that I have a mild case of rejection.  I knew that things weren’t quite right, because during the clinic visit my Pulmonary Function Tests were down 6%.  I was attributing it to a bit of chest congestion I had been experiencing, but alas, twas not the case.  And, on top of the rejection, some of the airways in my right lung were showing stenosis, or a narrowing of the airways.

I say here we go again, because I’ve been through this before, and will follow the same treatments as before for both of these.  But even though I’ve traveled this path several times, it’s still a bit sobering when you realize how fragile things can be at times.  Sure, I know God is in total control of ALL things and again, none of this caught Him by surprise, but you still have a sense of helplessness sweep over you when you hear the words, “You’re having rejection.”

So, I look at it as another opportunity to trust.  Another opportunity to reaffirm the work God is doing in my life.  Another opportunity to know that He is still on His throne.  Another opportunity to draw closer to Him. Another opportunity to know that in the midst of trials and suffering, He is still completing His work in me.

So yes, here we go again, but the journey has never really ended!