Need To Breathe

It has almost been a week since I returned from Duke following a 5-day infusion for this latest round of rejection. The doctor originally labeled it an A-1 rejection, which is fairly low-level, but rejection nonetheless.

Everything went extremely well with the infusion! No violent reaction, only a mild headache the first day. Which is a LOT to be thankful for considering I had severe flu-like symptoms with the previous round of this infusion in 2010. The docs chose a 5-day infusion instead of three this time since this was the second round in two years.

So, there will again have to be two clear bronchoscopies in a row, with a biopsy, before the docs will render a “no rejection” status.

I am thankful for the prayers, and grateful that all the rejection to this point has been the treatable type.

I’ll be back with another health update when there is new news. In the meantime, trying to gain strength, get blood work done each week and staying away from germs!

One thought on “Need To Breathe

  1. Praying for you to be stressfree through this waiting time. Think of the images that make you smile throughout the days (to lower your tense times) along with the verses that God has written on YOUR heart.


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