Digital Delusions

Hi, my name is David and I’ve been Facebook free for almost a week now.  This is not as much a confession as it is a declaration.  The fact that I’ve been able to free myself from the “bondage” of a social media site for almost a week has been very liberating.  It’s the freeing up of much-needed time and the freeing up of mental and emotional efforts or foci.

I’ve also been wondering, are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. just digital gossip portals?   I mean, we can say we’re only using these sites to “stay connected,” but in the end, is this technology really benefiting us or do we use them as a bully pulpit, or soapbox, to express ourselves in ways we wouldn’t even consider in a “real-life” confrontation?

How many of us would say face-to-face to someone what we post, or share, on these social media sites?  Are we expressing who we really are?  Could be scary if that’s what we’re doing because a lot of times what I’ve shared, or posted, can be pretty caustic or harmful.  I do not want to be either of those and I don’t think you, or anyone else, would want to be considered that way.

Are really as bold, selfish or opinionated as we come across to be through some of our interaction on social media sites?  Or are we delusional in that we’re really not the person we “create” through our posts or comments?

Food for thought or maybe better said, data to digest.


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