The Health Journey Continues

I’ll be heading to Duke Medical Center again this week, mainly for followup to the recent episodes of rejection following my 2008 double-lung transplant.  Rejection has been a common theme throughout my health journey.  Not sure if this is just another “bump in the road” or something more significant.  I never know until they have done all the testing, poking and prodding they do each time I visit.

Lately though, I have not been feeling great.  I know something is going on but not sure what.  I’ve been having issues I’ve never had before.  In early September I had the second of two Solumedrol infusions within less than two months of each other, and don’t think I’ve bounced back from those.  In case you don’t know, Solumedrol is an infusion (IV) of 1500mg of Prednisone spread out over three days.  (500mg per day)  It REALLY can affect you in some not so pleasant ways, although my body usually bounces back fairly quick.  Not so much this time.

So, off to Duke I go this week to what’s in store.  Each time I go, I’m reminded just how fragile this life I now live really is.  But I am grateful for the time the Lord has given me up to now.  Borrowed time that I didn’t deserve, yet God, in His mercy and grace, has allowed.

Grateful for this journey!

3 thoughts on “The Health Journey Continues

  1. Within a loved heart, does one feel the strength to take yet… another step, whereas the body may not. I feel your precious heart this morning, and mine is with you. * hugs*

    May I never take you’re
    beautiful love for granted.
    May it always delight my
    heart when it senses you’re
    Never to worry, knowing you
    walk with me;
    that you’re peace is my peace
    unwavering and steady…
    just like you’re love.


  2. I want to speak words that will bring you hope, words to comfort, words that bring you healing. My mind can not come up with the right phrase with such a responsibility weighted behind it. So, instead, I will simply let you know that I am praying. You are a courageous individual to walk this battle. May the Lord use it for something amazing for His Kingdom! Love and hugs – Cindy O.


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