All Things Medical, All Things God…

ARC_Logo_Bttn_Vert_CMYKDateline, Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Here’s the latest update from the medical front.  So, more rejection, but thanks be to God it is only an A1 rejection again this time!  For those of you that aren’t familiar, rejection of any transplanted organ is rated on a scale, A1-A4.  And as far as I know, that’s it.  A1 being the smallest amount of detectible rejection, and A4 being the more severe.  The rejection is determined from tissue taken during the Bronchoscopy procedure and then sent off to pathology.

I’m sure it’s a LOT more complicated than that, but that’s all they’ve told me, or at least all I’ve understood from what they’ve told me.

I’ll begin another three day round of 500mg of infused Prednisone, per day (also known as Solumedrol), on Tuesday, August 19.  I’ll be given another Bronchoscopy, in about a month or so from now, to determine if that has done the job to knock out the rejection.

The doctors have also taken me off ALL three of the oral antibiotics and put me back on just one.  They were fairly sure that’s what was making me feel so bad, duh.  I could have told them that!

I’m also going on a third anti-rejection drug starting next week.  This will be one I’ve never had before, so that should be an adventure.  The docs are still concerned about the drop in both my white blood cell count and my red, I forgot which component of the red, so that’s why they are switching my anti-rejection meds up a bit.

Still slated for more dermatology surgery on Friday, August 22, along with a pre-op for some gastric surgery later this year to repair the Nissen Procedure that has come unwrapped.

As promised, the life of a transplant patient is still an exciting one!  But the Lord still leads and I’m still amazed!

For those of you from Dr. Kendall’s seminar that are reading this, thank you.  Thank you for your encouragement, your prayers and your love!  Hope to connect with you again soon!

I’ll be back to post an update in about a month or so.

Soli Deo Gloria