This Life I Live

Today’s blog is a short poem, reflecting on this life I live, on the life each of us have been so graciously given. #bethankful

Each sunset, a reminder of Your presence through the night. 
Every sunrise shows Your mercy, shining new and bright. 

May I always pause to thank You for the fullness of my days;
And lift praise to You alone for the morning’s first soft rays. 

For it’s only by Your hand I can lay my soul to sleep,
And it’s only by your grace alone, another day I’m blessed to keep. 

So forgive me when I live, as if life somehow deserved;
Was always promised to me, as I journey through this world. 

Now that age has been my blessing, and more days have come to me;
I’ve quickly come to realize, just how fleeting life can be. 

I humbly take my place in time, a vapor, mist and breath;
And thank You once again for any time I might have left.