Finding the Write Way

The Christmas packages have been torn open, the traditional Christmas meal eaten and now the house is humming that familiar after Christmas melancholy tune.  I don’t about you but for me, it’s this time every year that I feel the crushing weight of the ‘what I should have done’ or ‘what I didn’t do’ items leftover from the year.  It’s my time to look at life in the rear view mirror and wonder, “How did I miss that?”  It’s also the time of year I begin to look forward to setting some goals for the New Year.  I realize that if I set enough of them there will be less that I will break!

However, there is a new goal I have for myself in 2015 that I’ve never set before.  I’m going to actually study, or perhaps re-study, the craft of writing.  In case you don’t know, I am a writer, just not in the literary sense.  I’ve been a songwriter for years and have sought to hone the craft of lyric writing through various texts, seminars, blogs, conversations with other writers, etc. for decades.  I guess it’s common to NEVER feel like you’ve ‘arrived’ as a writer.  In fact, while attending a seminar on songwriting I presented one of my pieces, which is always like showing folks your new baby!  You’re always afraid someone will think it’s ugly! After I presented my piece, complete with original text, one of the clinicians said, “Very nice lyric” to which I said, “I struggle as a lyricist” to which he replied, “Keep struggling!”

peninkwellThat’s it!  You’ve got to keep struggling, because you never really arrive!  I can imagine that even world-renowned writers, once they finish a manuscript and it is published sit back and say, “I could have done such and such better”, or something to that effect.

While I did take the obligatory writing classes in college, as part of my non-major degree, there has always been a part of me that desires to acquire more and more expertise as it relates to good writing.

So for 2015, I’m lining up resources I already own, Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones”, Sheila Davis’ “The Craft of Lyric Writing”, and some new editions, and I’m diving into the process of discovering the ‘right way’ to write!  Or, at least beginning the process of becoming a better writer.

I look forward to reading good blogs, posts or articles as they always inspire!

Keep on writing, keep on editing and keep on learning!

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