A Query Of Queer – Does Love Really Win?

The recent SCOTUS decision regarding gay marriage in the U. S. lit up the blogosphere this past month!  If you follow any bloggers, like I do, you saw it for yourself.  I think what happened last month has had more words written about it than anything I’ve seen recently.  Maybe Ferguson, MO, Charleston, SC for sure, but not by much.  This is most certainly a hot button issue.  So, here goes my ‘two cents’ worth, for whatever it’s worth.

LGBT_FlagSeveral thoughts have been buzzing through my head, some as questions, others as commentary regarding the specific subject of gay marriage.  I’ll steer clear of the broader subject of homosexuality as others have eloquently and brilliantly written on the subject from the theological perspective MUCH better than I could.

Here’s a scenario for the LGBTQ community at large (although somewhat rhetorical, I’d LOVE to engage in conversation over coffee with someone from the LGBTQ community about this.)

If the LGBTQ community is ultimately convinced that the homosexual lifestyle is paramount to the heterosexual lifestyle and that it should be ‘the norm’ not the exception, then what do we do with procreation of the human race?  For example, let’s say that over 5000 years ago there was no Adam and Eve.  Or, it you are not into creationism, there was no mechanism in place for cellular reproduction of any kind.  Then what happens from then to now?  To men, or two women, or two male species, or two female species appear in time.  They die, THE END.  That’s it, NO procreation, NO regeneration of the human race, period.  What do you do with that?  There would nothing.  No other animal species, no human race, no ‘us’.  THE END.adamandeve

So why then does the LGBTQ community push so hard for their lifestyle to be accepted as normal?  Why do we see so much negative aggression from the LGBTQ community to push their agenda on those of us who are heterosexual?  Don’t get me wrong, if you’re gay and want to marry by all means I think you should be able to.  But don’t go to a minister who you know opposes your desires and refuses to perform your wedding and then take him and perhaps the church to court to sue them, etc.

gayweddingIf I wanted an minister to perform my wedding ceremony and they said, “No, I can’t” I’d move on to someone else.  Not pitch a little fit about the fact they can’t and then proceed to drag them through the mud.  It’s because the LGBTQ community is about more than just ‘fitting in’ to society.  They want to make as much noise as possible regarding their cause and belittle and discredit anyone who stands in their way.

And the issues of wedding cakes, photographers, churches that will not host a homosexual wedding.  Here’s an idea for LGBTQ community, go to a business that will actually CATER to you.  (no pun intended).  Lawsuits against those who won’t serve you?  Can you be serious?  What is your true intent?  Again, it’s not about equality, it’s about a social agenda, a radical one at that which attempts to alter your morals and chosen lifestyle and have them conform to the homosexual communities practices.

If you’re member of the LGBTQ community ask your self this question, “If “love wins” then what am I doing to live that out in a predominately heterosexual world.?”  From where I sit, I see more hate from the LGBTQ community when it comes to their agenda.  They say “love wins”, but I think in the end they want their agenda to win.